Creative Market

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I just opened a shop on the Creative Market site. I have one lonely group for sale but now that the shop is set up I can add some of the artwork that I’ve been working on lately.

Here is the link-



In Stores This Summer


Clothworks Textiles’ website has just added the new fabric collections that will be available in stores this summer. This includes a new group that I designed for Halloween called “Haunted Hill”.

Halloween Coll.button

New Illustrations

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I have just added some new work to my site. The artwork is for a Hallmark book titled “I Love You Anytime!”. The book can be personalized with photos of an adult and child that are placed inside the back cover. They will show through holes that are die cut on each illustrated page.  It is such a cute format idea and a child recipient would get a real kick out of it. Hallmark has produced several books in this line. Take a look at the artwork under my Kids Art tab.



Book Samples From Hallmark 5-11-13


I received these books a few months ago but I’m just now getting them photographed to share. They are recordable books where each page has questions for a child to answer preserving their adorable voices forever. The recipient pushes the button that corresponds to the page to hear the child’s answers.

Grandpa and Me  Mommy's Tummy










Here is a sample spread…

sample spead

Tiles from Motawi 1-29-12

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Motawi Tileworks, in Ann Arbor, Michigan produces fabulous tiles and they’ve created some based on two of my designs. I recently received some samples from them and I’m very excited to hang them in my house. This tile’s colors fit perfectly in my bathroom.

The second tile works well in my living room. Their website shows the unique process they use to create their tiles.

Jan. 6, 2012

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Happy New Year!

I’m starting off my year with a new post on a new website. I wanted to share a photo of my tree before I take it down. I have always left my tree up well into January because after the busy holidays are over I can finally enjoy the lights in peace.