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I have just added some new work to my site. The artwork is for a Hallmark book titled “I Love You Anytime!”. The book can be personalized with photos of an adult and child that are placed inside the back cover. They will show through holes that are die cut on each illustrated page.  It is such a cute format idea and a child recipient would get a real kick out of it. Hallmark has produced several books in this line. Take a look at the artwork under my Kids Art tab.




3 thoughts on “New Illustrations

  1. Cary, I really love the collages of the kid and his mom in all those settings. It’s great that their heads remain in the same position while the scene around them changes. Beautiful beautiful and full of joy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the kids art! Each one has some humorous or sweet spirit behind it! The picture collage looks like a lot of fun…!

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