New fabric samples from Clothworks

Clothworks, fabrics, flowers, sewing, surface design

I recently received these fabric samples in the mail. It is a collection designed for Clothworks Textiles called Fern Valley. It’s time to come up with some more fun sewing projects!

Fern Valley fabric sm


6 thoughts on “New fabric samples from Clothworks

  1. Cary, Thanks for notification of your new Fern Valley designs. I love seeing them together in a stack, but viewed separately I can appreciate their individual qualities. The adventurous 1059’s are full of depth and wonderful, animated ferns, and I would love to have a blouse made of the (complexion-flattering) 1060 pink and red. My favorites are the 1061’s in color combinations of cool blues, turquoise, and lavender, with warm, delicate backgrounds and foreground brightness that makes me think happily of spring!

    1. Thanks Susan! I’m glad they make you think of spring. I’ll have to look up those numbers to make sure I know which one’s you’re referring to. Clothworks sent me 3 yards of each so I could do any number of things with them.

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